Throw Your Hands Up for Road Rage

Other drivers have frustrated us all at some point. Whether on purpose or by accident, sometimes other drivers do things we do not like. We may even express our frustration by shaking our heads or throwing up our arms. One North Carolina motorcycle rider discovered that showing even a little frustration could be a recipe for disaster.

Darren Caldwell, 35, was riding his black 1999 Suzuki GSXR600 last month when a red car pulled out in front of him. Caldwell had to stop his bike to allow the car in, and threw up his hands in frustration because of it.

Caldwell followed the car, only to have to stop suddenly when the driver slammed on the brakes. Caldwell believes the driver was attempting to have Caldwell run into the back of his car.

Caldwell decided to pass. As he did so, the car started to accelerate and to drive more aggressively. Caldwell looked over his shoulder and discovered that the headlight of the vehicle was right behind his bike. The car then struck him, driving him off the road.

Caldwell believes he was traveling at around 50 mph when the car hit him.

According to police reports, Caldwell suffered “road rash,” with abrasions to his left shoulder, left elbow and left hip. His bike suffered around $1,000 in damages.

Authorities advise everyone on the road to avoid demonstrating your frustration with other drivers. You never know when someone is on the brink, and a simple shrug of your shoulders could send him or her into a fit of road rage.

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