Tire Chains May Become Required to Aid in Preventing Car Accidents

Cold weather and snow have arrived in some parts of Colorado, causing a brief surge in the number of car accidents. Most recently, Interstate 70 was the scene of several car and truck accidents caused by harsh winter weather. Motorists reported seeing commercial vehicles driving without tire chains, some of which had spun out of control before coming to a stop on the side of the road.

While tire chains are required for large commercial trucks, some Colorado lawmakers believe they should be required for regular motorists as well. Specifically, Colorado lawmakers want to implement tire chain requirements for motorists travelling on Interstate 70 between Morrison and Dotsero, where ice and snow cause car and truck accidents.

Are Tire Chains Effective at Preventing Car Accidents?

Researchers spent time studying the effectiveness of tire chains by focusing on accidents in this region of Interstate 70. The study found that regular motor vehicles were responsible for a majority of accidents and not commercial trucks. However, commercial trucks were the main cause of accidents until tire chain requirements went into place.

Motorists in this area of Colorado have nothing to lose by using tire chains this winter season. Tire chains are more effective than winter tires at preventing accidents, and they can help maintain traction and steering in snowy conditions. Although chains limit speed, motorists should not be driving too fast in snowy and icy conditions anyways. Motorists can consult with their automotive dealer to find out if their tires can equip snow chains.

Stay safe this winter, and continue following our blog for future updates on public safety.

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