Today is National Ride to Work Day

Every third Monday in June is National Ride to Work Day, and this year we celebrate its 21st anniversary on June 18. Show solidarity with fellow motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts by riding to work on your bike of choice. The Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus (CMSC) helps bring nationwide attention to National Ride to Work Day for several reasons:

  • Safety awareness. Motorcycle accidents and motorcycle accident fatalities skyrocket in the summer months, and these accidents often occur because other motorists are unaware of motorcycles on the road. National Ride to Work Day helps increase motorcycle awareness.
  • Fuel efficiency. Motorcycles are more efficient than automobiles in their size and gas consumption. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, motorcycles went an average 56.2 miles a gallon in 2007, compared to passenger cars, which averaged 22.5 miles to the gallon.
  • Size efficiency. Motorcycles take up less space than cars. More motorcycles would free up parking spaces in crowded downtown areas and help traffic flow smoother in states that allow motorcycle lane sharing, such as Colorado.
  • Demonstrate a diverse riding community. Event organizer Andy Goldfine said that National Ride to Work Day showcases the diversity in the motorcycle and scooter community, that “motorcyclists and scooter riders are from all walks of life, all races and both genders.” He mentioned that the United States is the only country in the world where motorcycles are not a major presence on roads.

Today, ride your bike to work and show your boss, colleagues and fellow commuters that motorcycles are a large and valuable component of our roadways.

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