Toddler Survives Drag Racing Crash

Betsy Burkhart, a resident of Clarksville, Tennessee, reports that several car accidents have occurred in her yard from drivers who speed around the bend in Tiny Town Road. However, none of the previous accidents can compare to the mangled Honda Accord that flipped into her front yard, containing a two-year-old hanging upside down in her car seat, alive and crying. According to News Channel 5, witnesses of the accident state that two cars were speeding at 100 miles per hour when one of the cars overcorrected in a turn in the road, flipped and uprooted a utility pole buries seven feet in the ground. The other car involved in the drag racing incident, a red Mazda, sped off after the crash.

Burkhart ran outside to help, and found two men in the wrecked car who were alive. Even more amazing was the toddler strapped in her car seat in the back with no more than a few scratches on her. Still, rescue crews worked for an hour to pull the two-year-old girl out safely, and they airlifted the toddler and her father to Vanderbilt. A nearby hospital treated the front seat passenger for minor injuries.

The car accident also trapped Anastasia Davis and her three children in their car due to the electrical wires that crashed down after the Honda uprooted the utility pole. All witnesses of the car accident expressed amazement at the incredible luck of the survivors of the horrible crash.

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