Tom Metier Featured on Go Colorado Segment on KKTV

Tom Metier, part of your Denver accident lawyer firm, recently presented on motorcycle safety information as a member of the Law Tiger network for Colorado on a Go Colorado segment of KKTV. When asked why Tom became involved with motorcyclists, he explained that he was alone with no help to deal with decisions after being injured in a motorcycle accident at the age of 22 in Illinois. He now wants to help others faced with the same problems after a motorcycle accident.

In the interview, Tom explained that in addition to representing bikers involved in accidents, the organization of lawyers partners with organizations to provide benefits and work with charities for places like children’s hospitals. He emphasized that motorcyclists are a dynamic family of people, and he wants everyone in the motorcycle community to have the maximum amount of enjoyment and safety possible.

At the end of the interview, Tom presented several pertinent safety tips for both bikers and vehicle drivers to prevent motorcycle accidents. For motorcyclists, Tom recommended being vigilant, keeping your motorcycle well maintained, wearing safety gear, looking both ways for inattentive drivers at intersections, watching your rear view mirror when stopped to avoid a rear end collisions and riding defensively. For drivers, Tom asked them to watch for motorcycles, assume that a motorcycle is closer than it looks, increase your following distance to 3 to 4 seconds, watch out for motorcycles at intersections and realize that motorcyclists often make lane adjustments or changes to avoid hazards and debris in the road.

Way to go, Tom!

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