Could Trackers Be the Solution to Your Motorcycle Security Problems?

Picture of a Motorcycle Riding Away from a Broken Chain and a Thief

What would you do if your motorcycle was stolen?Not long ago, we talked about how motorcycle theft had gone up across the country. Luckily for U.S. riders, the increase is only marginal, however, the United Kingdom hasn’t been so lucky. With motorcycle theft rates soaring throughout Britain, security solutions have become something of a necessity, but a high-tech solution may bring a new edge to solving the UK’s motorcycle security problem.

New Bike Tracers May Fight Off Motorcycle Security Problems

BikeTrac is a British motorcycle security solution. It uses “stealth” technology to monitor a rider’s bike 24/7. The company’s operations center never sleeps, and the device can be linked to the customer’s smartphone, so they can monitor their bike in real time. This has taken BikeTrac to the next level when it comes to bike security.

According to the company, it has recovered 220 out of 248 stolen motorcycles fitted with BikeTrac devices. That’s a 90 percent recovery rate, which is leaving many riders in Britain stunned, and it has saved UK riders around £1.4 million this year alone. There’s no word if this company will soon bring its security device to the American market, however, many of our domestic security devices provide similar security options right here in Colorado.

A 2007 Harley-Davidson was stolen in Colorado Springs back on October 27th, but the thief didn’t realize the machine was fitted with Lojack. It led police straight to the thief’s lair on 16th street and West Cucharras Street, where officers were stunned to find six other stolen vehicles in the thief’s possession.

Advances in technology are continuing to upgrade the security of our motorcycles, which can give you an advantage over the common motorcycle thief. Have you looked into getting security devices for your ride? The motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm encourage you to take the security of your bike seriously. Otherwise, you could be facing heartache when your trusted steed is suddenly lost.

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