Tractor-Trailer Accident Ends in Cattle Drive

Tractor-trailers are the main mode of transportation for a vast array of different products, ranging from crude oil and hazardous waste to live cargo such as livestock. When these trucks crash, their cargo can be just as dangerous as the wreck itself.

On June 26, a semi-trailer rolled over while traveling on Interstate 70 east of Denver. The accident damaged the trailer, spilling its contents – live cows – across the road.

The impact of the collision killed several animals, while the remaining cattle ran away from the scene in all directions.

One witness expressed sadness for the dead and injured animals, saying the remaining animals wandering along the road was “kind of strange to see.” The driver escaped the collision without injury, but several lanes of the highway were closed for hours while authorities rounded up the rest of the cattle.

In this accident, the cows are just as much of a traffic hazard as the wreck itself. If an unsuspecting motorist hits one of the animals or has to swerve to avoid it, any damage or injuries could be connected to the trucker’s accident.

Every trucker is responsible for the items they transport. If they fail to secure their cargo properly, or it comes loose due to reckless behavior, they are liable for any damage it may cause.

Inattentive and reckless truck drivers are responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Trucking companies hire big insurance providers who will try to make you accept the smallest settlement possible.

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