Traumatic Brain Injuries Could Cause Substance Abuse

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) could lead to substance abuse problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, according to research from Ohio State University.

Recent events in the NFL – including the suicide of Junior Seau, and a series of lawsuits from former players – have highlighted the connection between TBIs and depression. Research suggests that injuries sustained by athletes are comparable to injuries sustained by soldiers involved in IED explosions, and that these types of injuries can lead to reduced supply of dopamine to the brain, which can cause depression.

People suffering from depression are more likely to develop an addiction problem than the rest of the population, according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. In fact, these conditions coexist so often that doctors have coined the term “dual diagnosis” for those suffering from both depression and addiction.

Some argue that TBIs and addiction are so intertwined that each can cause the other: approximately 50 percent of TBI victims had a history of drug or alcohol abuse before their injuries.

These findings further enforce how debilitating traumatic brain injuries can be. In addition to facing paralysis, memory loss and premature death, TBI victims must fight psychological battles against depression and addiction.

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