Trooper Injured, Tow Truck Driver Killed in Weld County Accident

An August 24 Weld County car accident killed a tow truck driver and left a CSP trooper injured, according to Fox 31 in Denver. The tow truck driver, 47, was from Aurora and worked for C & J Auto Service. He and the trooper were at the scene of an earlier single vehicle accident on Highway 85/Weld County Road 8 before their accident occurred.

At around 1 p.m., the tow truck driver and the trooper were cleaning up the accident scene when a Ford F-250 collided with the trooper’s vehicle, which was parked behind the scene. Both the tow truck driver and the trooper were struck, but at the time of this report, authorities were uncertain whether they were hit by the trooper’s car or the F-250.

The tow truck driver died on the scene. The trooper suffered multiple injuries, ranging from minor to serious. He had to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment. The driver of the F-250 only sustained minor injuries.

In recent years, preventing accidents such as this has become a hot button issue, and authorities again expressed their frustration that people who work on state highways and roads are continually the victims of these types of accidents after this latest instance.

“We’re sick of it. It’s not just state troopers, it’s not just police officers,” said Sgt. Mike Baker of the Colorado State Patrol. “Tow companies, tow operators, CDOT, road maintenance vehicles…they’re all protected in statute. When you see amber lights, red and blue lights, any kind of emergency lighting from those types of vehicles you have to at the very least slow down, certainly move over at least one lane… That obviously didn’t occur in this case… We’re tired of it. It’s not acceptable for these crashes anymore. People should know better than this.”

Sgt. Baker is right, but the reality of the situation is that accidents such as these, despite preventative measures, will still happen. Other drivers should know better, but sometimes, even when they do, they still make the kind of mistakes that cause fatal car accidents.

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