Truck Accidents 101: Here’s What to Do & Expect After Your Accident

A truck accident is a harrowing, debilitating experience that can leave you feeling emotionally, physically, and financially drained. While a truck accident may seem like any other accident on the road, it’s clear to anyone who has been involved in one that it is very different. The magnitude of a trucking accident can cause far more lasting and far-reaching damage than a passenger vehicle is capable.

To help explain the devastation a truck accident can involve, we like to offer a few calculations:

  • If a loaded 80,000-lbs 18-wheeler rear-ends you while traveling at 25 mph, then you’d be hit with almost 180,000 lbs. of force.
  • For a 2000-lb. Honda Civic to rear-end you with the same amount of force, the vehicle would need to be traveling over 400 mph.

We know how scary these numbers are. However, as a truck accident law firm, we see them as more than numbers; we see them as the clients we help every day who are trying to get out of the devastation.

If you have suffered a trucking accident, then Metier Law Firm can help. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Colorado are qualified, experienced, and passionate — even for the toughest of cases. Our truck accident lawyers work with clients throughout Fort Collins, Denver Metro, Golden, and Colorado Springs. Contact us today to get started with a truck accident law firm that will work tirelessly toward your truck crash settlement or award. Read today’s blog to learn more about what to do immediately after the accident and upon returning home and meeting with a truck accident lawyer.

Immediately After the Accident

Truck accidents are serious, life-changing accidents — accidents where it is highly unlikely for all parties involved to walk away unscathed. If you are severely injured and can’t perform the following tasks, bystanders, police officers, and first responders should do so.

Note: If you were unconscious after your accident, it’s important to contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible for help with the steps below.

Report the Accident

Truck companies have automated systems that alert defense teams. They get to work defending themselves in accidents as soon as they know an accident has occurred. To help make sure you have all the evidence needed and that your story or information (or that of any witnesses) is corroborated with more evidence and authority, calling the police is a necessary step. A police report will detail everything from the damage to your vehicle to the contact information and initial stories of witnesses.

Take Photos and Gather Information

Even if police officers are there and are gathering information, it’s important that you collect any information you can as well. This includes everything from photos of the accident to photos of the road conditions, contact information for any witnesses, and insurance information for any other drivers involved in the accident.

Photos should document the condition of your vehicle and you or any damaged passengers from your car. You should also take photos of other vehicles involved in the accident, including the truck. Be sure to take photos from a variety of angles — these photos can be instrumental later on when your truck accident lawyer is building a case. Low-angle photos are also useful, especially in construction zones with uneven lanes.

Seek Medical Attention

We know the damage from truck accidents can be immense, which is why we, as truck accident lawyers, recommend seeking medical attention as soon as possible. Recovery may be a long, drawn-out process, so it is important to get medical help as soon as possible. Dates and timestamps from the hospital can serve as evidence in your case later with a truck accident lawyer, and all notes, recommendations, bills, and other information from hospital staff can also serve as evidence. Seeking medical attention should be the priority because of your health, but it can also help corroborate your story and detail any future or long-lasting health effects, pain and suffering, or risks associated with the accident.

After Leaving the Accident

Even if you are in the hospital for a long period of time, there are certain things you should do after leaving the scene of the accident, permitting you’re able. If you’re not, then a family member or loved one should follow these guidelines.

Don’t Admit Fault

Following a trucking accident, it’s understandable that you may at times feel remorse or guilt. After all, it was a highly emotional, traumatic experience you went through. However, as truck accident lawyers we recommend that you don’t admit fault. There are many different aspects, viewpoints, and circumstances to consider that you are unaware of. If you were to admit fault, then the truck company’s insurance could use that against you. In fact, we recommend you don’t even speak to the other insurance company until you have spoken with a truck accident lawyer to learn more about the procedure following an accident and your role in it.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Again, be careful not to admit fault when you speak with your insurance company. That being said, it’s important you speak with a representative from your insurance company as soon as you can after the trucking accident. However, simply state that you will provide further information about vehicle damage or personal injury after you discuss options more in-depth with professionals such as your truck accident lawyer. A truck accident attorney can even help you speak with insurance companies.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

Finally, it’s time to talk to a truck accident law firm and find a lawyer for your case. Now that you’ve been in the hospital, you have seen the bills begin to add up and have an idea of the long-lasting physical and psychological effect this accident may have on your life and your family. You deserve compensation — and a truck accident lawyer can help.

Here at Metier Law Firm, our truck accident lawyers have extensive experience with all stages of a truck accident case. While each case is unique, our accident attorneys are intimately aware of the similarities and the proper procedures and protocol during this life-changing event. Our truck accident lawyers are experienced with everything from talking to insurance companies to understanding medical procedures involved to working toward a truck crash settlement or award.

Be Patient

Lastly, it is important to be patient. Though your injuries may have happened in what seemed like the blink of an eye, the recovery certainly won’t happen so quickly. Trucking accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, severe burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. Our truck accident lawyers have experience with a wide variety of injuries these accidents can cause. One thing is similar between all the injuries, though: it takes time to recover.

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