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Are Truckers Responsible for Lost Load Accidents?

Have you ever been driving down the road behind a truck when an object falls off that truck and hits your vehicle? These incidents have become so frequent that trucking companies often put signs on the back of their vehicles saying they are not at fault for damages caused by debris from their trailer. But is that claim true?

Are Trucking Companies Responsible for the Damage Caused in Lost Load Accidents?

Though that sign says that the trucking company isn’t responsible for damages caused by a lost load, this just isn’t true. Any time unsecured cargo from a truck collides with another vehicle, it is considered a crash by Colorado law. Truckers can be fined, cited for littering or even called into court if items fall off the back of their truck and cause damage. However, these penalties often do not aid those who suffered property damage from falling cargo.

If your vehicle is hit in one of these crashes, then it is important to get all of the information you can. Truck descriptions, license plate numbers, DOT numbers and/or videos or pictures of the vehicle can increase the chances of receiving compensation for damages. File a report with the Colorado State Patrol and your insurance company. If the damage is really bad, or you or a passenger were injured by this debris, then you should also contact a lawyer.

A personal injury attorney could help you get fair compensation for the damages you’ve suffered in an incident like this. They may be able to hold the trucking company responsible or help you negotiate with a stubborn insurance company. For more details about how to handle a collision while you’re on the road, keep following the safety lawyers at Metier Law Firm. We provide comfort, safety and strength when you need it the most.