How To Choose A Truck Accident Lawyer To Represent You

The injuries from truck accidents are incredibly severe. For example, if a loaded 18-wheeler rear-ends you at only 25 mph, you’re still being hit with almost 180,000 pounds of force (179,844 to be exact). For a 2000-pound Honda Civic to rear-end you with the same amount of force, it would need to be traveling at 442 mph.

This is just one example of how much force can be behind a big rig, delivery truck, or other truck — and how much force could cause serious injury to you or your family in the vehicle. Because of this, you’ll want an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent you after your accident — a lawyer who can get you the physical and financial help you need and deserve, both now and years down the road.

If you live in Colorado and have suffered a personal injury at the hands of a truck driver, then Metier Law Firm can help. Our team of truck accident lawyers has the characteristics you’re looking for in your representation. Read below to know how to choose a truck accident lawyer, and contact our accident attorneys today to get started with a risk-free consultation.

Meet With Several Truck Accident Lawyers

It’s not necessarily a good idea to commit to working with the first truck accident lawyer you find. Instead, we recommend meeting with several truck accident law firms to find one that matches your needs and expectations while addressing your concerns. Any reputable truck accident attorney should provide a free consultation or evaluation. This is a wonderful time for you to easily get to know them and their practice — and see if they’re right for your case. During your consultation, we recommend looking into everything on this list.

Look At Their Reputation

Investigating an attorney’s reputation is something you can do before, during, and after you visit their truck accident law firm:


If you’ve had any friends, family members, or acquaintances suffer from a truck accident, ask them for recommendations or why they did or didn’t work with a specific lawyer.

On top of this, though, you should also look into the attorney’s online reputation. Does the truck accident attorney respond to and work to resolve complaints? Do they have a good rating overall?


While you’re at the truck accident law firm, go ahead and ask about their reputation! They should be able to list off what sets them apart, direct you to cases that had a positive outcome, and potentially even put you in touch with previous clients.

Ask about their success rate with cases, along with awards or recognitions. If you found negative reviews online that were concerning, address them with the truck accident lawyer.


Head back online. If you have any hesitations after your initial meeting, then think about them while looking into reviews. If your hesitation is a problem that many people bring up in their testimonials, then you might want to find a different truck accident law firm in Colorado.

Check Their Experience

There are two different ways you’ll want to check for experience:

  • As a truck accident attorney. There are many nuances associated with being a truck accident lawyer, such as working with corporate attorneys, state and federal regulations, operation protocols of a big-rig, and more. An auto accident lawyer simply won’t make the cut — you want someone who will know what they’re doing. On top of this, you most likely won’t want someone who has minimal experience and is just starting to learn the ropes. Instead, you want a truck accident lawyer who has years of successfully working on cases.
  • With cases similar to yours. You also want to find a truck accident attorney who has worked on cases similar to yours. If you find a truck accident law firm but it only specializes in a specific type of accident or injury resulting from an accident, then they may spend more time researching and establishing a basic understanding instead of fighting for your case — all while the defense is working hard on a case against you. On top of this, if they haven’t previously dealt with similar cases to yours, then they may only be focused on seeking damages for your past medical expenses. This is a mistake, as they should also be looking at and fighting for future costs for rehabilitation. You’ll also want a truck accident lawyer who has experience with similar injuries to yours. Truck accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious bodily injuries; you need representation from someone who has dealt with complex and long-term injuries such as these.

Watch Out For Red Flags

Here are five red flags to look out for when researching and meeting with truck accident lawyers in Colorado:

  • Client Privacy – It’s reasonable for a truck accident lawyer to provide details from a case — without providing names or going into specifics. If they’re not respectful of other clients’ privacy, then who says they’ll respect your privacy?
  • Rude or Unfriendly – This goes for both the lawyer and their staff. You’ll be working with each other a lot — you don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t have the decency to be kind and professional.
  • Distracted – If a truck accident lawyer is overly busy with other clients, colleagues, phone calls, emails, or messages, then they’re not being professional or respectful of your time.
  • Bad Reviews – We touched on this earlier, but multiple negative reviews could be a huge red flag to look out for.
  • Your Gut Feeling – You shouldn’t base your entire decision off of your instinct, but it’s an important thing to value and consider. If, for example, you’re debating between two truck accident lawyers, then go ahead and trust your gut to make the final call.

Work With A Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Here at Metier Law Firm, we know what it takes to win a truck accident case — because we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. You can trust us to deliver fast truck crash settlement and win court verdicts. We will work tirelessly to fight for your case and get you the immediate and long-term help you need. Contact us today for a risk-free consultation.