Tanker Truck in San Miguel County Rolls Over, Spills Crude Oil Due to Brake Defect

Residents of San Miguel County may have a bit of a cleanup on their hands after a tanker truck rolled over on May 7, spilling thousands of gallons of oil.

Police say the accident happened on Colorado Highway 141 on Slickrock Hill. The 53-year-old truck driver was traveling through western San Miguel County when he reportedly lost his brakes, causing the truck to run off the road.

The tanker truck rolled over and spilled its load of crude oil, coating the roadside with about 8,000 gallons of it. The driver was seriously injured in the crash.

Even when the cause of a trucking accident is clear, the party responsible for the accident is still in question. There are many different parties involved in maintaining any tractor-trailer or commercial truck, and many could be responsible for causing one crash.

I Was Hit By a Tractor-Trailer. What Are My Legal Options?

If the brakes did fail and cause the truck to run off the road, the fault could lie with the trucking company, the brake manufacturer or even the leasing company. During most trucking accidents, these parties argue amongst themselves about whose insurance will compensate the victim.

If the brakes failed because they were a defective product, the brake manufacturer would be at fault for the accident. If the leasing company failed to keep the brakes up to date on maintenance, then they are responsible for the brakes’ failure. Finally, the trucking company could have knowingly placed a sick or sleep-deprived driver behind the wheel, putting them (as well as the driver) at fault for the accident.

Trucking accidents can be complex and difficult to pursue on your own. To talk to an attorney who is experienced in fighting big trucking companies, call Metier Law Firm. We are here to hold trucking companies responsible for their actions.

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