Why Work With A Truck Accident Lawyer Instead Of Seeking Compensation Yourself

After you’ve sustained serious injuries from a trucking accident, you may be tempted to think you can represent yourself. After all, your use of personal experience and pathos may just get you a high truck crash settlement, right?

Wrong. We highly recommend that you work with a truck accident lawyer in Wyoming after your accident so you have the highest likelihood of recovery now and long-term resources for further recovery. In today’s blog, we will outline four reasons to work with a truck accident lawyer instead of trying to seek compensation yourself: you need to focus on recovery, you need someone with experience, you need objectivity, and you need to avoid financial risk.

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You Need To Focus On Your Recovery

An injury from a trucking accident can be extreme and truly change your life forever. You may be dealing with crushed bones and other orthopedic injuries, a traumatic brain injury, loss of limbs, burn injuries, permanent disfigurement, or a spinal cord injury.

The time immediately following your trucking accident should not be focused on figuring out how to represent yourself — it should be focused on your recovery.

If you spend time talking to insurance companies and attempting to represent yourself, then you could cause too much emotional and physical stress to your body during a time that is imperative for your recovery.

You Need Someone With Experience

To be upfront, you simply don’t have the experience necessary to go up against commercial trucking corporations and insurance companies. You need a truck accident lawyer who does have that experience. We believe your truck accident lawyer should have experience in the following areas:

  • With truck accident cases – Sure, an auto accident law firm may have the experience you’re looking for — but not if its personal injury lawyers have no experience with reaching truck crash settlements. Truck accident cases are nuanced and have their own sets of challenges; you will want a truck accident lawyer who knows these nuances and is fully prepared.
  • With insurance companies – Insurance companies are trained to avoid high payouts. If you choose to work alone, then you may say something you shouldn’t or risk a low or nonexistent settlement. A truck accident lawyer has experience working with insurance companies and won’t feel pressured into settling for an inappropriate amount or confused by an insurance company’s tactics.
  • With other lawyers – The other side’s attorney will know how to handle the case. If you seek compensation yourself, then you may not have the experience, know-how, and confidence to do so in a way that ensures you leave with a settlement. An experienced truck accident lawyer will know how to work appropriately with any other lawyers involved.
  • With investigative skills – You don’t have the background, tools, and experience for investigating just what caused your accident with a truck driver; a truck accident lawyer does. Often, truck accident attorneys will even have a team of investigators who will determine who is at fault for the accident and to what extent. They’ll have the investigative skills needed to research and understand your accident and injury.
  • With reaching settlements – There can be many roadblocks on the way to a successful truck crash settlement. These roadblocks include the factors in this list, along with negotiating a settlement. You want a truck accident lawyer who can confidently and effectively negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Here at Metier Law Firm, our truck accident lawyers have experience with everything on this list and more. We understand complicated legal procedures, the detailed paperwork, overwhelming medical terms, and the nuances of truck accident cases. With this knowledge and experience, we are able to help you on the road to recovery.

A quick-response team of attorneys and investigators for large, commercial trucking corporations will build their case against you as soon as the accident occurs. We know this because we used to be them. Now, we fight for you — so that you get the representation you deserve and can focus on your recovery.

You Need Objectivity In Your Case

You may think that pathos may help in your argument and that you’ll be better able to appeal to everyone’s emotions with your first-hand account. However, you want to work with a truck accident law firm because then your personal injury attorney will be able to present an objective, unbiased case.

On top of this, your frustration, anger, pain, or other emotions can cloud your judgment and ability to see the facts of your case clearly. A truck accident attorney will be able to separate your emotions to present as factual of a case as possible, which will make you more likely to reach a desirable truck crash settlement. Even though our truck accident lawyers will be objective and professional with your truck accident claim, they will also fight tirelessly against large commercial trucking corporations and insurance companies on your behalf.

You Need To Avoid Financial Risk

You could spend a lot of money working on your case alone. There are costs you may not have even thought of yet, such as expert witnesses, investigators, and evidence exhibits (such as photos, documents, videos, etc.). All of these cost money whether a positive settlement or verdict is reached or not. Because of this, it’s a significant financial risk to do it yourself.

After all, you could spend all this money and then end up with a less-than-satisfactory settlement. It’s basic business that this is a poor ROI, and our truck accident law firm will work hard to resolve the issue for you. We will fight to get you the monetary compensation you need for short- and long-term recovery.

On top of this, though, we offer a risk-free consultation and services: you won’t pay us anything until we win or settle your case. This ensures you can trust your truck accident lawyer to work hard to defend you — and you won’t risk losing more of your hard-earned money.

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Instead, work with our truck accident lawyers in Wyoming so you can quickly and effectively reach a settlement for your case — a settlement that will protect you and your family. We have spent more than 30 years taking on the toughest truck accident cases so we can help people just like you. Contact our truck accident law firm today to get started with a risk-free consultation.