Truck Driver Perishes in His Tanker’s Flames

The Colorado Department of Transportation recently remodeled the I-25/U.S. 34 interchange, with widened ramps to allow drivers to more easily slow down and speed up while getting on or off the interchange. However, these efforts did not prevent the tanker crash of Gary Agee, who died in the flames from the crash on September 11. According to, police believe that Agee went too fast around the corner exit, causing the gasoline tanker to roll on its side and catch fire.

The truck accident did not involve any other passengers or vehicles, and the coroner stated that Agee died as a result of the intense heat from the gasoline flames. Department of Transportation crews repaired a few hundred feet of pavement where the asphalt melted under the tanker’s fire.

No matter how many changes the Department of Transportation makes to ensure safe roads, we must remember that drivers have ultimate responsibility for their own safety. Take on and off ramps slowly, since rollovers are more likely to occur at higher speeds, especially in a large, heavy vehicle.

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