Turn On The TV With A Thought

Colorado State University has received a grant for $1.2 million to develop brain-computer interactions that could help people with severe motor impairments do simple things just by thinking about them, such as turning on the TV.

The researchers expect to create new strategies to measure brain waves and mathematically quantify the electrical activity of the brain. With this information, they could design computer programs to let people control their assistive devices like wheelchairs.

Though the researchers want to create a system that an individual with disabilities, like traumatic brain injury, could purchase and use in their home, there are other interested parties as well. The military would like to use the results to help rehabilitate injured soldiers, and the video game industry would like to create new types of game controllers.

The University has one of the top occupational therapy programs in the country, and has unique access to conduct trials with people in their homes.

“One technique we’ve used is to flash letters on a screen and record the brain wave associate with those letters. We want to improve user interfaces so people can more quickly select letters and type text messages,” a representative of the University said.

If you suffer from a brain injury, in what ways do you think the research could help you?

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