TV Star Survives Motorcycle Accident, Says Jacket Saved Him

Logan Henderson, star of the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush (and performer in the band of the same name), narrowly avoided serious injury in a motorcycle accident.

According to TMZ, Henderson was riding near the intersection of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles. He swerved to avoid a car that turned into his path without warning and flew from his bike. He was “scraped and bruised from frisbeeing across the blacktop,” according to TMZ, but was otherwise fine.

“Took a little spill on my bike a couple of weeks ago but I’m doing just fine now!” he tweeted later.

How Leather Gear Protects riders

Henderson credited a Marc Jacobs jacket for protecting his back from injuries after the crash. Many bikers wear leather jackets and pants while riding, and not just for the style. Leather can protect riders from many elements, including:

  • Weather. Riders can use waterproofing chemicals on leather clothing that protects them from rain and snow. A jacket’s air vents can also keep the rider cool on hot days.
  • Burns and scrapes. If a rider goes down, they might bounce or slide on the road for a good distance. Leather can prevent serious skin injuries like burns, scrapes and abrasions.
  • Insects and debris. Riders encounter countless pebbles, bits of gravel and tiny insects that can cause serious pain when they hit at 60 mph. Leather keeps the skin safe from these projectiles.

Stocking up on protective gear is always a smart idea – you never know when a car might turn in front of you. If a negligent driver contributed to your motorcycle accident, we can help you in your recovery. Call (866) 377-3800 today and ask about our free case reviews.

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