Two Injured When Ex-Boyfriend Intentionally Rams Their Motorcycle

Kentucky State Police say a man in a full-size pickup truck intentionally hit a motorcycle that his ex-girlfriend and another man were riding.

Police charged Christopher Lanigan, 40, with first-degree assault and wanton endangerment. He could spend between 10 and 20 years in prison for causing the accident.

He told police that he saw his ex-girlfriend riding a motorcycle with another man and he was trying to catch up with them to discuss child custody issues when he accidentally hit them.

Both motorcycle passengers required hospital treatment for their injuries. The male rider broke a hand, a finger, two ribs, an ankle and other bones.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Broken bones are among the most common types of motorcycle injuries. Other common injuries faced by riders include:

–          Road rash

–          Scrapes and burn injuries

–          Head and brain injuries

–          Spinal cord injuries

These injuries can result in disfigurement, loss of limb, paralysis and death. Motorcycle accident victims have a right to seek justice against drivers who make negligent decisions that lead to serious injury and death. Contact our Denver injury lawyers to learn more about your rights in the aftermath of a Denver motorcycle accident.

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