Two Killed, Three Injured in Colorado Car Accident Involving Horse

Multiple vehicles struck a horse on I-76 in Colorado, resulting in a fatal three-car accident, according to KWGN-TV 2 in Denver. The accident occurred around 9:30 p.m. on August 5 on eastbound I-76 in northeastern Colorado near Wiggins. After a horse and its rider, who it had reportedly been with in the Wiggins area prior to the accident, became separated, the horse ended up wandering onto the highway, where it was struck by a 2005 Dodge Caravan.

The Caravan was able to stop on the shoulder of the highway after it hit the horse. The driver, 67, survived the collision with only minor injuries, but his wife, 66, died as a result of the wreck.

A second vehicle, a Chevy Venture van, hit the horse after the Caravan. Striking the horse caused the Chevy Venture to slide into the left lane and roll onto the driver’s side. The driver of the venture, 71, died on the scene.

A third vehicle, an Audi sedan, avoided hitting the horse, but could not avoid hitting the Chevy Venture. The force of that collision pushed the Venture back onto its wheels and sent the Audi off the road and through a barbed wire fence. After busting through the fence, the Audi came to rest in a field. The driver, 22, and his passenger, 66, came away from the wreck only suffering minor injuries.

The horse was killed in the accident. It was the responsibility of its rider and/or whoever owned it to make sure it did not get loose, especially on a busy highway.

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