Two Motorcyclists Crash, One Dies

Port Charlotte last month was the scene of a fatal crash involving two motorcyclists, leaving one rider dead and one with serious injuries.

Skid marks at the crash site show where two motorcyclists lost control, with at least 100 feet from where the marks begin to where the riders finally came to rest.

The Florida Highway Patrol report says the two motorcyclists were heading northbound on Kings Highway, approaching the intersection with Elmira Boulevard.

27-year-old Christopher Shultz was riding in front of 26-year-old Justin Braswell when Shultz slowed down for some reason. Braswell did not have time to slow down his bike before he ran into Shultz. The impact threw Braswell from his bike and into the guardrail on the east side of the road. Shultz also flew off his bike when it overturned.

The impact with the guardrail killed Braswell, father of three young boys, who family members say was a great dad.

Emergency crews took Shultz to Lee Memorial Hospital with serious injuries.

The FHP is still investigating the motorcycle accident, and it is still uncertain whether speed or alcohol played a role in the crash.

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