Two Wyoming Roadway Deaths Caused By Strange Choices

There have been two fatalities in the past week on Wyoming state roadways, one caused by strange behavior and the other by illegal behavior. Each fatality leads us to wonder why the people involved chose to do what they did.

The first fatality happened when a 22-year old Riverton man decided to stand in the passing lane on I-80’s westbound lanes. A Dodge Caravan struck and killed the man. The driver of the van saw the man and attempted to avoid him by swerving and breaking, but was unable to miss him. Authorities are uncertain what caused the man to wander onto the highway.

The second car accident happened about two miles north of Cheyenne, when a 44-year old Torrington man lost control of a GMC pickup he had stolen in downtown Cheyenne. He was driving north at a high rate of speed when he slid off the road and rolled the truck, flying out of it in the process. Authorities pronounced him dead at the scene.

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