University of Wyoming Remembers Tenth Anniversary of Student Fatalities

September 11, 2001 affected many people in American as no other incident could. However, September 16, 2001 is also a painful date for many Wyoming natives, who memorialized the 10-year anniversary of a tragic car accident that killed eight members of the University of Wyoming cross-country team. On this date, Clint Haskins drove to see his girlfriend after drinking at a bar and a party. According to the Associated Press, he crashed into the SUV carrying part of the cross-country team back to the university, and all students in the vehicle died. Haskins survived the crash, and courts sentenced him to jail on eight counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. He will be released in February 2012.

Though many lives were lost in the drunken driving accident, the university has tried to prevent other alcohol-related incidents by enforcing online alcohol education workshops. In addition, the city of Laramie enacted an ordinance to provide harsher penalties for drivers who have a blood alcohol content of 0.15 or higher (in other words, if police find them with alcohol levels of almost twice as high as the legal limit). The university reports that their efforts seem to be improving the alcohol culture at the school because only 36 percent of students reported binge drinking in 2009 as compared to 48 percent in 2007.

The University of Wyoming observed a moment of silence on September 10, both for the victims of 9/11 attacks and for the victims of the car accident.

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