Update: Mayor Injured in Woodland Park Motorcycle Accident

Last week we posted a story about the mayor of Woodland Park, Colorado being involved in a motorcycle wreck. Recently, Our Colorado News provided an update of Mayor David Turley’s condition since his motorcycle accident.

On October 18, Mayor Turley had surgery to repair five ribs he damaged in the October 8 motorcycle wreck. The surgery took three hours and was performed at Penrose Main Hospital in Colorado Springs by Dr. David Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton repaired four of the five ribs by using screws to affix metal plates to the ribs.

Prior to the surgery, Mayor Turley had to be transported by ambulance from Pikes Peak Regional Hospital and Surgery Center, where he had been taken after the accident, to Penrose Main Hospital. After arriving at Penrose, the mayor met with Dr. Hamilton, who explained to him the risks versus the advantages of having the surgery.

“Once the doctor explained the pros and cons of having the surgery or doing nothing, it was a no-brainer,” the mayor told Our Colorado News. “The surgery gives me the best chance of returning to my normal active lifestyle, which I intend to do.”

According to Dr. Hamilton, the surgery was a success. Still, Mayor Turley spent the night of the 18th in the Intensive Care Unit as a precautionary measure before returning to his regular room on the Trauma floor the next day. Dr. Hamilton expects Mayor Turley to make a full recovery.

“DT is in a private room with an awesome view of Pikes Peak from his hospital bed and an extensive menu at his disposal from the Penrose cafeteria,” Mayor Turley’s trainer told Our Colorado News.

The mayor is lucky to be making a full recovery. Many other victims of motorcycle accidents are unable to make a full recovery and have to live with their injuries for the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one are involved in a motorcycle crash caused by someone else, it can completely change the rest of your life.

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