Victim of Motorcycle Accident Wins Gold at Wheelchair Games

A motorcycle accident that occurred in 1988 left Robert Arciola a quadriplegic. During his time in the Army, Arciola was a passenger on a motorcycle, on his way to get medication for his wife. A sharp curve caused the bike to come out from under the veteran, and Arciola hit the foundation of a house. Doctors determined that the veteran suffered a severe spinal cord injury, and he completed several months of rehabilitation.

Now, Arciola, who lives in Bartlett, Illinois, makes the best of his situation. Arciola recently participated in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, held earlier this August in Pennsylvania, and he placed first in bowling, trap shooting and field events, as noted in the Daily Herald.

Arciola states that his wife of 28 years is his main caregiver, and certified nurse assistants help care for him at his home five times a week. Though he requires in-home help because of injuries sustained in the motorcycle crash, Arciola works at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office and bikes seven to 10 kilometers on his hand bike every day. This victim of a motorcycle accident maintains a positive outlook, since Arciola states that his disabilities afford him a greater appreciation of life.

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