Video Shows Alleged Drunk Driver Sipping Beverages

Surveillance video from a motorcycle store has been released that shows the last moments of a young female motorcyclist’s life, just before an alleged drunk driver hit her.

The 22-year-old Plantation college student had just won a coveted spot on the Miami Heat dance squad when she was killed. The video shows her stopping with a blown head-light in the V where the four-lane road splits, becoming two two-lane roads. She gets off the bike and walks around it, looking at her headlight, then puts on her helmet and gets back on the bike.

Florida law prohibits releasing video that shows the killing of a person, so the video cuts before the accident. It resumes after she was hit and all we see are the flashing of police lights.

Due to a public records request, the state attorney’s office also released surveillance video from the Galleria Mall that appears to show the man charged with DUI manslaughter and a friend shopping for jewelry while sipping beverages the hour before the crash.

The man who was driving the Mercedes that fatally hit the rider had blood alcohol levels of .24 percent and .23 percent measured in two samples after the crash. He is awaiting trial while free on bond.

This tragedy reminds us of just how dangerous drunk driving is and its sometimes deadly consequences. It also demonstrates how vital it is as a rider to be aware of your surroundings. If you are going to pull over, make certain you do it in as safe an area as you can.

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