Vintage Motorcycle Show Unites Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Some motorcycle enthusiasts set their bikes apart by having the latest model and the most innovative technology. Vintage motorcycle lovers, however, would forego all those modern conveniences for the beauty and complexity of older bikes.

The Fourth Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show was held in Golden, CO on July 2. The annual event is usually hosted by the Japanese Vintage Motorcycle Club, but that does not limit the selection. The show regularly welcomes all beautifully restored bikes, including BMW, Ducati, Ariel, Excelsior and Nimbus models.

Vintage motorcycle shows are like museums, providing insight into historic motorcycle technology and culture. People travel for hours, some from out of state, to see rare, restored bikes with original features like exposed valves and manual spark advance mechanisms.

The primitive technology helps enthusiasts understand the challenges facing the first motorcycle riders, while appreciating modern technological advances.

The show featured many vintage favorites like Old Age and Treachery, a motorcycle known for setting records at the Utah salt flats, and a beautifully restored 1930 Indian Chief. An Excelsior Henderson Sidecar Rig that made waves at Bob Ohman’s Old Bike Ride was also in attendance, running periodically to the delight of onlookers.

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