Washington Man’s Face Burns In Operating Room

There are more dangers than you might expect in the operating rooms of most hospitals. Last week we wrote about a woman who had her face burned in an operating room fire in Florida. Another operating room fire happened in Washington the same week, leaving a man’s face burned.

Tommy Beams was in surgery for the removal of a growth from his head. According to Beams, he was put under anesthesia in the operating room, and doctors put an oxygen mask on his face.

The cauterizing tool used in his procedure caused a spark, igniting the oxygen coming out of his mask, setting Beams’ face on fire.

Emergency crews rushed Beams to the burn unit at Harborview Hospital in Seattle.

Now Beams is home, but doctors say it could take up to a year for his face to heal.

According to Beams, his face still feels like it is on fire.

The fact that this kind of accident occurred twice in the same week is disturbing. The FDA is looking at ways to prevent these kinds of accidents. We hope they are successful.

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