Washington State Gears Up for Motorcycle Safety Campaign

The Washington State Department of Licensing and State Patrol, DOL, released a public service announcement and new poster on June 21, 2011 focused on reducing one of the top causes of fatal motorcycle crashes: drug or alcohol impairment.

These announcements come in the wake of a fatal motorcycle crash that occurred that day in the Olympia area. Another top cause of fatal crashes – excessive speed – was a factor in that crash.

The announcement also addresses the importance of having the necessary training, having a valid driver license endorsement and riding safely.

State traffic safety leaders say both motorists and motorcyclists have roles in using the roadways responsibly. The DOL will released another PSA the week of June 19, 2011 highlighting the campaign theme, “Look Twice. Save a Life” reminding motorists to be aware of motorcyclists on the roads. The messages will also appear on the side of transit buses, freeway message signs and billboards.

Licensing will release another public service announcement next week, focused on the campaign’s theme, “Look Twice. Save a Life.,” encouraging motorists to be aware of motorcyclists. That message will also be brought to Washington drivers and motorcyclists through messages on the sides of transit buses, freeway message board signs and billboards.

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