Weather, Animals Influence Motorcycle Fatalities

Earlier this year, we wrote about how this year could become Nebraska’s worst year for motorcycle accidents. Further reports indicate it is the worst year since 1987, and experts are blaming unseasonably warm weather for the rise in crashes in multiple states.

“The nicer it is, the more people are going to ride,” said Nebraska Office of Highway Safety administrator Fred Zwonechek.

A Peak in Registered Riders

Several states experienced a mild winter. Nebraska, for example, recorded a motorcycle death in January for the first time. More riders on the road equals a greater risk of accidents.

Both Iowa and Nebraska reported higher rates of motorcycle ownership than years past, possibly due to high gas prices. Iowa has at least 280,000 bikes on the road and Nebraska has close to 89,000. Neither state has seen numbers this high in the past two decades.

Animals Crossing

Iowa officials cited another factor in the increasing rate of fatal motorcycle accidents: animals. Since the state (along with many others) experienced a drought, many animals like deer had to search for a new water supply, leading to more animals on the road.

“We’ve seen a number of crashes involving large animals,” said Dena Gray-Fisher, a spokesperson with the Iowa Department of Transportation.

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