What Are The Dangers Of Passing On A Motorcycle?

Passing can be a dangerous endeavor in a motorcycle, because motorists sharing the road may not be aware of your presence. As such, it is important for motorcyclists to make themselves as noticeable as possible, through reflective clothing, lights or even sound. A motorcyclist should ride in the left side of his or her lane before passing to get a clear view of the opposing lane’s traffic and make sure that there are no roadside hazards. After crossing into the opposing lane, proceed through the car in front’s blind spot as quickly as possible. Doing so requires maintaining a high rate of speed for a brief moment before switching back into the proper lane.

The necessary increase in speed while passing creates a brief window of vulnerability for a motorcyclist. Quite recently, a Colorado motorcyclist was severely injured while riding his 2008 Honda eastbound on K-10 near mile marker 11.9. The motorcyclist sped up to pass through the car in front’s blind spot when he lost control of his vehicle and swerved off the highway. Emergencies crews shuttled the injured motorcyclist to Overland Park Regional Medical Center for treatment. This story is indicative of the fact that standard procedures for all automobiles, such as passing, can be extraordinarily dangerous for motorcyclists.

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