What Are The Hazards Of Long Distance Motorcycling?

The long distance motorcyclist faces most of the same hazards as regular motorcyclists, such as negligent motorists and adverse road conditions; however, there are additional dangers that come with long distance motorcycle tours. One main danger of long distance motorcycling is fatigue. It is advised that touring motorcyclists rest before they are tired and eat before they are hungry. As such, hunger and exhaustion do not affect the motorcyclist while riding. In addition, failing to fully inspect the motorcycle before the ride can cause serious complications later on. Even experienced long distance motorcyclists can encounter such hazards on the road.

For instance, the famous long distance motorcyclist Eric Palante died during the Dakar Rally on January 10, according to USA Today. The 8,500 kilometer race begins in Rosario, Argentina and ends in Valparaiso, Chile. Palante injured his hand during the fourth stage of the race and said, “[a] very long stage of suffering is ahead.” Sadly, he never completed the fifth stage. Palante’s body was discovered off the side of the road. According to event organizers, “[h]e knew the race very well, and over the years his enthusiastic but serious approach had made him one of the pillars of the event.” As such, his passing goes to show that even experienced and professional motorcyclists can fall victim to the hazards of long distance motorcycling.

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