What are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Denver?

Photo of a car crashDenver’s notorious intersections are making headlines again, and social media is abuzz with discussion of heavy traffic and car accidents. Intersections can be exceptionally dangerous for motorists, as many drivers change lanes, make dangerous turns or become distracted while passing through.

According to Westword, a local press outlet, the most dangerous intersection in Denver is University Boulevard and 1st Avenue, where a nearby shopping mall creates enormous amounts of congestion. This intersection has over 20,000 vehicles pass through every day.

Westword considers Colorado Boulevard and 17th Avenue to be among the most dangerous intersections in Denver. With a mix of commuter and tourist traffic, this intersection regularly sees 20,000 vehicles pass through every day.

Other intersections that made the list are Monaco Parkway and Hampden Avenue, Colorado Boulevard and Alameda Avenue, University Boulevard and Hampden Avenue, Colorado Boulevard and 6th Avenue, Colorado Boulevard and Hampden Avenue and Colorado Boulevard and Mexico Avenue.

Why are these intersections dangerous? A mixture of traffic congestion and human error creates conditions where accidents continue to happen.

Why Are Intersections Dangerous?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are almost 10,000 fatal accidents at intersections every year. A NHTSA study cited casual factors that included turning left, crossing over, and turning right. For example, many motorists tend to focus on traffic coming from the left when making right-hand turns, but fail to spot cyclists or pedestrians crossing the intersection from the right side.

Factors such as distracted, drowsy and impaired driving ensure areas with heavy traffic density can be very unsafe. Some motorists use downtime while waiting at intersection lights to text, change songs or check Facebook.

Whatever the cause may be, the people of Denver should not have to worry about suffering a catastrophic car accident while traversing intersections. Given the high number of fatal accidents at intersections, not only in Denver, but also across the state of Colorado, there needs to be a concentrated effort to educate motorists on methods for staying safe.

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