What Are The Safest Motorcycles Available?

Ducati recently made headlines for its impressive new Multistrada D-Air motorcycle, which features airbags. The motorcycle can detect impending accidents and signal to the rider’s jacket to deploy airbags in less than 45 milliseconds. However, Ducati is not the only motorcycle manufacturer pushing the envelope of safety technology.

While most companies are using cutting edge safety technology on their top of the line motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has taken the opposite approach, designing a super safe entry level bike. The Harley-Davidson Road King uses Reflex Linked Brakes, which distribute braking between both wheels, depending which needs it most.

Honda has also added an Anti-Lock Braking System option for their 2014 Interstate touring bikes. The brakes cost an extra $1,000, but according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcyclists with Anti-Lock Brake Systems are 37 percent less likely to die in an accident.

Indian Chief Vintage went the same route as Harley-Davidson by making their safety options standard and affordable. The 2014 models will feature Anti-Lock Braking Systems, dual front brakes and single disc brakes in the back. In addition, the cruisers come with a sizeable windshield to keep debris from interfering with the rider.

I Need An Injury Lawyer That Specializes In Motorcycle Accidents

It is important to remember that even the most advanced safety features are no match for the impact of a negligent motorist barreling into oncoming traffic. The most important element of motorcycle safety is experience. If you are a novice rider, take it upon yourself to take advanced safety courses, or better yet, form mentor relationships with experienced riders and learn the rules of the road from those with firsthand experience.

[Did You Know: The Victory Cross Roads 8-Ball features the lowest seat in the 1740cc class, at 26.3 in, making it more stable at low speeds.]

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