What Are Tips For Riding Safely with a Passenger?

Motorcyclists may have friends or family members who want to go out for a ride with them, but it is important to consider that riding with a passenger requires extra attention to safety.

Passengers can ride on the backseat of a motorcycle or by using a sidecar. For this post, we are going to write about the safety of passengers riding on the backseat. Keeping yourself and a passenger safe while riding is a joint responsibility, and both the motorcyclist and the person riding in back can reduce the chances of a motorcycle accident by adhering to the following advice.

  • Inexperienced motorcyclists should not attempt to ride with a passenger, as the motorcycle’s maneuverability will be different and unexpected with added weight.
  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends practicing low-speed clutch and throttle control and braking techniques in an empty parking lot with a passenger before attempting to ride on a busy road.
  • Avoiding extreme speeds and maneuvering turns with caution can help motorcyclists with passengers avoid motorcycle accidents.

How Can Passengers Contribute to Motorcycle Safety?

As stated earlier, passengers must share a role in the responsibility of motorcycle safety. Passengers should keep hands and feet away from moving parts and should never make sudden moves that can hinder the maneuverability of the motorcycle. To ensure maximum safety, passengers can take motorcycle safety courses and learn more about how to avoid motorcycle accidents.

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