What Athletes (Other than Football Players) Are At Risk For Traumatic Brain Injuries?

It is not only football players that suffer repeated concussions and traumatic brain injuries. In fact, a variety of winter sports, such as downhill skiing, can result in traumatic brain injuries. A new documentary called Taking It Head On highlights the struggles of Kenna Sneva, a former Olympic-bound downhill skier who suffered one too many concussions. Sneva was a national gold medalist training for the 22nd Winter Olympics when medical professionals told her that one more concussion could result in permanent paralysis or even death.

These days Sneva suffers chronic pain and depression. The long-term brain damage incurred by a traumatic brain injury is such that the victim no longer processes emotions as they did before, often resulting in a different personality. Thankfully, Sneva has devoted herself to educating young athletes about the dangers of repeated concussions. “It’s not worth playing on a concussion,” she said. “You need medical help. You get a concussion, you’re out three weeks. I’m out the rest of my life because I didn’t go get help.”

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