What Can Authorities Do About This Dangerous Denver Intersection?

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After a car ran a red light and crashed into a mother and her two children, everyone is expected to live. However, this crash could have easily been far worse, and it has members of the Highland community in Denver thinking. Is there anything authorities can do to make this dangerous Denver intersection safer?

How to Fix a Dangerous Denver Intersection

It was around 7:00 pm on March 20th when a woman and her two children were out on a stroll. They waited for the crosswalk light on Zuni Street and proceeded across, but they didn’t realize there was danger speeding toward them. A car going down 38th Street ran a red light, slamming into the mother and her two children.

The mother was knocked clear, but her children were pulled along by the vehicle as it slammed into an SUV. The mother and a bystander rushed into action. As she pulled her children from under the car, the bystander helped her resuscitate her four-year-old boy. The other child—a one-year-old girl—had sustained only minor scrapes and abrasions. The four-year-old may have sustained a serious head injury, but it is believed he will survive.

In pedestrian accidents like this, victims often have options against reckless drivers and their insurance providers in civil court. These options can provide families with support that the criminal justice system just doesn’t provide, but in this case, there is another factor contributing that may require civil action.

According to residents who live near this intersection, it is a dangerous thoroughfare. If accidents have happened in this area before, and the city knew it was dangerous, it would be up to the city to take steps to make the intersection safer. Those who have suffered injuries on such roadways may also have options against the city and should contact a lawyer. Legal action against municipalities that haven’t fixed a roadway can not only compensate victims, but it can also force a city to take action and fix neglected or unsafe roads.

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