What Can I Do To Reduce Pedestrian Accidents In My Community?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a set of pamphlets with recommendations for pedestrian safety. It is important to note that the responsibility to be cautious does not fall solely on the motorist or the pedestrian. Both parties must be extra vigilant and aware of one another. As such, the NHTSA recommends disseminating both pedestrian and motorist safety tips throughout your community to reduce the incidence of pedestrian accidents.

One main contributor to pedestrian accidents is cell phone use. When pedestrians listen to music on their cell phones while looking down at the screen, they are effectively blind and deaf to the world around them. If a pedestrian insists on listening to music, they should keep one ear headphone-free to listen for approaching vehicles. Pedestrian visibility also reduces the likelihood of an accident. Pedestrians should never assume that the driver can see them. Furthermore, wearing bright clothes during the day and reflective clothes at night makes your presence obvious to motorists.

Sadly, pedestrian accidents are a common occurrence in Colorado communities. For example, a Denver motorist struck a pedestrian on Saturday, January 18, according to The Denver Channel. The victim was walking near West 14th Avenue and Kalamath Street around 7 p.m. when a late 90’s white Dodge Caravan crashed into her and drove off. The victim remains in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

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[Did You Know: According to a 2011 NHTSA study, a pedestrian is injured approximately every eight minutes in a traffic accident in the U.S.]

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