What Causes Swelling After Brain Injuries?

Reducing the swelling after a traumatic brain injury is necessary, especially when victims fall into a deep coma. Doctors are not entirely sure on the best way to reduce brain swelling, and still rely on folk remedies such as fish oil. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (UP) are uncovering why swelling occurs in hopes to develop new treatments for traumatic brain injuries. Swelling occurs within a part of the brain cell called the axon, which is the long, stretchy pathway a brain cell uses to send a signal. Researchers were perplexed as to why the swelling occurs in the brain’s most elastic component.

“One of the main things you see in the brains of patients who have died because of a TBI is swellings along the axons,” said one of the researchers. “Inside axons are microtubules, which act like tracks for transporting molecular cargo along the axon. When they break, there’s an interruption in the flow of this cargo and it starts to accumulate, which is why you get these swellings.”

They found that the rate of stretching affects the cell’s ability to pass cargo along the axon. Breaks only occur when the axon is stretched very quickly, like during a concussive impact in a football game.

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Brain swelling can leave traumatic brain injury victims immobilized, catatonic or even dead. As such, developing new brain injury treatments is of the upmost importance. Those who survive traumatic brain injuries still have to deal with the long-term emotional and cognitive consequences of the injury. The traumatic brain injury lawyers at the Metier Law Firm, LLC will help connect you to the best possible brain injury care in the country and secure the full compensation that you deserve. There is no reason to shoulder the financial burden of caring for a traumatic brain injury victim alone. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at (866) 377-3800.

[Did You Know: According to the UP study, brain cell axons can stretch up to 100 percent of their length without damage.]

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