What Is The Best Way To Prevent A Motorcycle Accident?

The U.S. Military has grown increasingly concerned about motorcycle safety, because motorcycles are very popular among soldiers, sailors and pilots returning from tours of duty. As such, motorcycle safety has been a top priority at military bases across America. According to the Navy Pacific Fleet safety officer, “the best preventative measure that a rider can take is to increase their riding skill level.”

Since the Navy has institutionalized motorcycle safety, fatalities are decreasing. For example, there were only 17 sailor fatalities in 2013, compared to 33 in 2008. “Statistically, there is a direct correlation with the training the Navy provides and a reduction in motorcycle mishaps,” continued the officer.

The Navy is training motorcyclists to use the same risk management techniques that they use at sea, while at home or in a civilian setting. To ensure that servicemen and women partake in the safety courses, it is a general order to “complete the two mandatory courses within 60 days after declaring intent to ride and then complete refresher training every three years,” according to the officer. As such, to fail to take the course is a punishable violation of an order.

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