What Is The Future Of Motorcycle Safety?

According to Motorcyclist Online, Dutaci engineers are making bold strides to improve the safety of their motorcycles. The new Multistrada D-Air will be the first consumer motorcycle to feature airbags, a trend that will hopefully be an industry standard in years to come. Dutaci has teamed up with Dainese, an Italian maker of protective motorcycle equipment, who designed a jacket containing airbags. The Multistrada D-Air will hit the market as early as May, though there is not a set date yet.

The Dainese jacket combines information about the body position of the rider and the motorcycle to sense an accident. Airbags contained inside the jacket deploy in under 45 milliseconds. Motorcycle airbags have been developed previously by Alpinestars for a MotoGP specific context; however, the new Ducati will be the first airbag motorcycle available to the average consumer. The new Multistrada is only the latest in a history of pro-safety initiatives by Ducati, who previously launched the Ducati Safety Pack, which includes traction control and anti-lock braking systems.

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