What Is the Safest Way for Motorcycle Groups to Travel?

Group rides are safer than solo efforts, but riders can still get into serious accidents. To stay safe in large groups, riders must remember to:

Organize the Ride – Always meet beforehand to make sure everyone knows the route, including any scheduled stops. Establish hand signals for turns and stops early on, and make sure to discuss the plan in case of an emergency. 

Keep Everyone in Mind – The strongest riders should lead the group and “run sweep” at the back, but the pace should accommodate everyone. New riders should be able to travel at a safe speed, and leaders should adjust the pace as needed.

Follow the Rules of the Road – Keep a two-second cushion between you and other riders to avoid crashing. Remember to use a single-file formation when going through tollbooths, and while entering or exiting the highway. A side-by-side formation can help conserve space when the rally stops at an intersection, as long as the rider on the left goes through first.

Every rider is responsible for making sure his or her machine can handle the ride, but fellow riders can be extremely helpful in the event of a breakdown or crash. They can call for help, remove riders or debris from the road and render aid until authorities arrive.

Even in large groups, motorcycle riders are still incredibly vulnerable to reckless car and truck drivers. Motorcyclists could be seriously injured or killed in a seemingly minor collision, while drivers escape unharmed.

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Source: http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/riding/street/resources/groupriding.aspx

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