What Steps Can My City Take To Improve Motorcycle Safety?

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the Prioritized Recommendations of the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety, a list of measures that varying levels of government could take to promote motorcycle safety. Much of the report identifies research areas that need more attention and funding, such as the effect of motorcyclists’ attitudes towards safety on the likelihood of an accident and the effect of prescription medication on motorcycling ability. In addition, the report covers smaller initiatives to improve motorcycle safety at the city level.

Utilizing new media formats as a medium for public service announcements is high on the list of recommendations. The results of motorcycle safety research are not reaching the intended audience, because many motorcyclists consume information through enthusiast publications and social media. Motorcycle safety organizations can work both fronts through inexpensive social media campaigns and the purchase of advertizing space in motorcycle enthusiast magazines and websites. The NHTSA also recommends adding motorcycle safety information to the driver’s education curriculum. A motorist’s failure to take notice of motorcyclists while passing and changing lanes is one of the most prominent causes of fatal accidents. By informing motorists of motorcycle safety concerns early in their educational career, motorcycle vigilance will be second nature to coming generations of drivers.

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[Did You Know: The NHTSA says drivers involved in crashes they did not start can still be found guilty of contributing to an accident.]

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