What to Do After an Industrial Accident

Industrial accidents are some of the most complex incidents in the workplace when it comes to assigning responsibility. A tool or piece of machinery may have failed, in which case the manufacturer is responsible for a defective product. The employee’s supervisor may have failed to provide adequate training. A negligent worker, despite proper training, could have made a mistake that injured dozens. What complicates things further is the tangled web of contractors, subcontractors, engineers and construction companies working together on any single job.

All of these factors can extend worksite explosion lawsuits for months, years and possibly decades. That is why you should keep the following in mind immediately following an industrial incident.

  1. Seek medical attention. First, see a doctor to diagnose and treat serious injuries. If someone else caused the incident, you could eventually receive damages to cover these medical expenses.
  2. Carefully consider the incident report. Fill out the incident report honestly and thoroughly. If you can sign off on the report, read it over in detail before adding your signature.
  3. Compile records. Request a copy of the incident report and save all your medical records. If possible, keep a copy of the employee manual or training materials you received.
  4. Contact a lawyer. As mentioned, these lawsuits can be complicated, frustrating and drawn-out. A workplace explosion lawyer can help you along every step of the way.

If you were involved or lost a loved one in an industrial accident, there is hope. We provide free consultations so you can find out what your best options are.

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