What’s The Most Dangerous Month For Motorcyclists?

May was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and a lot of things happened to help keep riders all over the country safer this riding season. But did you know a threat looms over every motorcyclist once May ends?

What’s The Most Dangerous Month For Motorcyclists?Fatal Motorcycle Accidents In Mesa County Increase

In May, the state of Wisconsin offered rider training to help bring more motorcyclists to the DMV to get motorcycle endorsements on their licenses. In Texas, May marked the state’s renewal of its Share the Road and Look Twice campaigns meant to educate drivers about sharing the road. Here in Colorado, the Department of Transportation focused on new riders with the Ride Wise campaign, and it further emphasized the importance of rider training.

The efforts of every state to help spread the word about motorcycle safety undoubtedly saves lives every year, but these efforts may have a double purpose. According to a Progressive Insurance report, four of the top ten most active days for motorcycle insurance claims fall on June. This means that you could be more likely to get hurt or fall off your bike in June while you’re still only starting the riding season. July also had a 78 percent higher claims average than the rest of the year, which means that July is just as dangerous when it comes to motorcycle crashes as June.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month not only serves the purpose of educating people about riding, but it is also the last push for safety before June—the most dangerous motorcycling month of the year. So what did you learn about motorcycle safety this May? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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