Who Is At Risk For Motorcycle Accidents?

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by forces outside of the rider’s control, such as negligent motorists, hazardous road conditions and inclement weather conditions. As such, motorcyclists can never assume that other vehicles sharing the road are aware of their presence. Quite often, motorists make left-hand turns or change lanes to pass without seeing the motorcyclist riding in the opposite direction. Because visibility and motorist education are to blame for most motorcycle accidents, novice and experienced riders alike are at risk for fatal accidents.

For instance, professional motorcyclist Tommy Aquino died during the recent Piru Ranch race in Piru, California. The seasoned motocross racer was riding his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R when he collided with two other riders during a training exercise at approximately. Witnesses reported that the collision was a freak accident. The other motorcyclists involved in the accident were transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital; however, Aquino was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

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