Who Is Contributing To Traumatic Brain Injury Research?

According to the Independent Record, the National Football League and General Electric recently awarded a $300,000 grant to fund research into the treatment and diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) at the University of Montana. The study will focus on the types of brain injuries sustained by athletes and members of the military. The daily lives of both groups involve repeated concussions through high-speed collisions or roadside bombs.

It is difficult for those responsible for athletes and soldiers to know if someone has suffered a TBI, because there are no visible signs. However, TBI induced damage manifests as impaired cognitive ability, emotional control, memory and/or motor function. The University of Montana study aims to identify measurable indicators, or biomarkers, of TBIs that could be detectable in blood samples.

Essentially, the researchers are “interested in how certain proteins are changing their expression in the brain following TBI…[i]t’s a signature that says something happened.“ By measuring the persistence of such changes, the researchers hope to unearth some insight into the permanence of TBI induced disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia and depression.

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