Who Is Liable If My Motorcycle Lost Control On Its Own?

Often motorcycle accidents occur in the absence of other motor vehicles. In such situations, the motorcycle likely has a defective part that malfunctions under certain conditions. Those injured in motorcycle accidents caused by defective parts can make a product liability claim against the automaker that produced the motorcycle. In addition, the victim may also have claims against the smaller parts manufacturers, distributors and even the motorcycle dealership.

To avoid motorcycle accidents caused by defective parts, check the news regularly for product recalls. According to a recent report by the New York Times, BMW is recalling 51,000 R and K series motorcycles produced between 2005 and 2011. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation into BMW’s production methods after a series of consumer complaints concerning fuel leakages. “I started the motorcycle engine – a few seconds after it started, gasoline started to gush from the front of the bike onto the engine,” said an owner of a defective motorcycle. “Before I knew it, I was in a puddle of gasoline. I shut it off as soon as I realized what was happening. I mopped up the gasoline off of the floor to eliminate the fire danger.”

I Need A Lawyer That Handles Product Liability Claims

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