Who is the Colorado Captain?

What would you do if you were sitting at a stop light and Captain America pulled up next to you riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Most people wouldn’t believe their eyes, but here in Colorado, it kind of happens a lot. You see, we have our very own Colorado Captain who goes around sharing joy and wonder throughout the state. Now, our very own Colorado Avenger is sharing that passion for helping across the entire country.

The Colorado Captain Goes Where He Is Needed

Matthew Gnojek rides a Harley-Davidson and wears some of the most unique leathers in the entire state. He has a leather riding suit designed to look like the outfit worn by Chris Evans when he plays Marvel Comic’s Captain America. At first the suit was just a cool way to show his fandom for the Marvel hero, but soon Gnojek began to wonder if there was a better use for the suit.

You see, this young man has a passion for helping others, and once he noticed people’s reactions to the suit, he couldn’t resist spreading the good spirit. That’s when he started going around to children’s hospitals cheering up kids who need a hero to believe in. Now, Gnojek is taking his act on the road.

In September, the Colorado Captain began a motorcycle roadtrip from Denver to Boston and back again. Over the 5,200 mile trek, the Captain plans to visit around 30 children’s hospitals across 17 states. His ride is being documented via helmet cam and by followers all over the internet. You can check out his tour at his Colorado Captain Facebook page.

Good luck Captain, and have a safe trip—from the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm!

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