Who Qualifies for Free Brain Injury Treatment?

A new piece of legislation, Senate Bill 1604, the Veterans Recovery Plan Act, will provide free hyperbaric oxygen treatment for veterans who suffered traumatic brain injuries. Given that many traumatic brain injury symptoms are unseen, it can be difficult to diagnose, determine severity and treat the condition.

“Many Oklahoma veterans are struggling with symptoms of traumatic brain injury, and have been unable to get the treatment they need,” said the senator sponsoring the bill.  “These men and women have represented us in combat and are entitled to the highest level of care we can provide them upon their return.  This bill will broaden access to a proven treatment method for our injured veterans.”

Once in effect, the bill will create a fund within the Department of Veterans Affairs to support the free hyperbaric oxygen treatments, which will be administered by the Oklahoma State University Center for Aerospace and Hyperbaric Medicine. Hopefully, other states will follow Oklahoma’s lead because treating traumatic brain injury is a costly endeavor that can ruin a family’s financial stability.

National Lawyers Who Handle Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

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