Why Have There Been So Many Rollover Accidents In Larimer County?

Most rollovers occur when a vehicle drifts to the right side of the lane and scrapes along a guardrail or loose gravel shoulder; the drivers then panic and over correct. “They freak out, grab the wheel and turn it,” said a Colorado state policeman. Most Larimer County rollover accidents occur outside of the Fort Collins city limits, where the roads are more rural and speed limits are higher. The policeman added that distractions and intoxication also contribute to the likelihood of a rollover accident.


The safest decision that Larimer County residents can make, according to the policeman, is trade in their boxy SUVs for more technologically-advanced vehicles. Through the Cash for Clunkers program, residents can change in their outdated vehicles for more fuel efficient and safe ones. “These vehicles have gotten safer,” said the policeman about new safety standards, such as curtain air bags and passenger cages. “They’re meant to protect the people inside. All of that safety equipment works if that seat belt is being used.”

Unfortunately, seatbelts are not always worn, especially in rural areas. Rolling over in an SUV with a high center of gravity without a seatbelt on a mountainous road outside Fort Collins can be fatal. According to the Coloradoan, 70 percent of people killed in rollover wrecks in the US were not wearing their seatbelts. Rollover accidents only comprise roughly two percent of all motor vehicle crashes in the U.S.; however, 35 percent of roadway fatalities come from that two percent.

I Was Injured In A Rollover Accident And Need An Attorney In Larimer County

When driving through rural roads, wear a seatbelt and obey the speed limit. Furthermore, if your vehicle scrapes along a guard rail or the shoulder of the road, it is safest to gradually turn back onto the lane, instead of dramatically overcorrecting. If you have been injured in a rollover accident, consider seeking the advice of an experienced attorney before you sign anything from an insurance provider.

[Did You Know: According to SafeCar.gov, half of all rollover accidents involve alcohol.]

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